Kik Messenger or WhatsApp – The pros and cons

This app messaging is not new, for it takes a long period of time between us. He lately jumped to the front web pages of the chronicle of events as it has disclosed its usage in cases of intimidation amongst teens as well as a case of kidnapping and murder that has actually had the kik messenger as a tool to reach the victim. Anonymity is the major virtue of this tool, it is likewise an possibility for those who intend to disrupt others. But like everything, it depends upon the usage we construct from it.

Leaving aside these issues, you could not already recognize or that you have not also dared to give it a try. From here I provide a brief analysis that you valoréis whether it is worth their installment on your terminal.

Kik Messenger, the messaging application is offered for Android, iOS as well as Windows, functions likewise to various other way, permitting users to send chat messages instantaneously with a quick and also easy interface. Its major benefit is that individuals utilize a solitary individual name as identification technique and not a mobile number as when it comes to WhatsApp and also Snapchat.

It likewise has a full service platform that enables users to hear songs, watch videos on YouTube, play video games, send images and also videos, develop memes and certainly, chat with buddies, all without needing to leave the app.

And all with severe rapidity as well as simplicity, sending messages to the minute and being its entirely reliable shipment. In addition, Kik Messenger shipments will denote us as other letters has actually sent out, have been gotten and these, also, have actually been opened and can dependably understand when a person reads it or otherwise.

Various styles Kik Messenger vary systems, adjusting to the style of each. Hence, we could claim that it is a delight action by Kik Messenger for apple iphone or Android, being all icons and switches accessible with ease as well as with attractive layouts, showing a rather cruder user interface in Windows Phone that likewise does not have connection with various other apps.

Just like all instant messaging applications, which at some point wind up making a decision the use is the number of buddies we have with Kik Messenger, remaining in these rather low compared with other applications such as Whatsapp. Still, worth a shot, since the system of sending out and obtaining messages is truly quick, having the attraction of having the ability to include customers with their nick or email, not depending consequently on the agenda get in touch with SIM.

My Fitness Coach Reviewed

51aGCYEzINLGet in shape with your own virtual personal trainer. Like Wii games? Now go a step further and work out with Maya, your virtual personal trainer, in an accessible, convenient and intense fitness program customized to meet your needs.

My Fitness Coach

Produced by UbiSoft exclusively for the Wii home game system, My Fitness Coach allows players to create, engage in and even track their very own fitness program.

Features and Benefits:

  • Motivational workout partner: Your personal trainer Maya will demonstrate moves and give you fitness advice and motivational pep talks during workouts to help keep you on track to your fitness goals.
  • Training sessions: Access to 480 unique exercises featuring Yoga, Cardio fitness, Strength Training, Flexibility, and Weight Loss Routine.
  • Personalized fitness goals and workout calendar: Choose your fitness goals and the length of your program and establish how often you plan to workout.
  • Charting progress: See your success tracked and displayed graphically as you work out to continue your efforts over an extended period of time.
  • Customized settings: Choose between eight different workout environments, including meditation garden, and seven types of music (Hip Hop, 80′s, Latin and Dance).

My fitness Coach is much like following along with a fitness DVD with typical routines that you would experience at the gym and I feel it is really aimed at fitness enthusiast who are already well-versed in following exercise videos as there is no “how to do the moves”, which is fine by me since I am a fitness enthusiast who love working out in the privacy of my own home and has been doing so for many years with DVDs, so none of the exercises except for the variation ones were new to me…

My Fitness Coach begins by evaluating your current fitness level, and helping you set your fitness goal: weight loss, core body strength, increased flexibility… It will ask you to enter your current weight and measurements and get you to do a few fitness tests so that it can suggest what types of workouts you should do.

Personalized goals let you chose the length and frequency of your sessions on a calendar. It also asks you to chose a goal weight. There are graphical charting displays that allow you to watch your progress as you go. After so many workouts, there is a physical challenge to see how you are progressing. It includes measuring inches around your body, current weight, flexibility, and endurance like in the first evaluation fitness test.

Having your own workout equipment is not necessary but if you have it, Maya, the personal trainer, will work it into your routine. You also need more space than you would require with Wii Fit, EA Sports or Cardio Gym…

My Fitness Coach features almost 500 unique exercises to ensure that no two workouts will ever be quite the same. There is upper body, lower body, flexibility/yoga, core, weightloss, and cardio options to chose from and you can select 15 min., 30 min., 45 min., or 60 min. sessions.

I love being freed up from the Wii Balance Board, remote & Nunchuck. The only time you will need to hold the remote is to start the game and to tell Maya how you found the session with “no sweat” or “I couldn’t keep up”. I always chose the “no sweat” as I did not want the intensity of the workout to be lowered. The annoying thing though was when she asked the question about 50 seconds before the end of the session and then she had to “find the beat” to be able to finish the session…

If you miss a scheduled workout, Maya will scold you for that which I find a tad bit annoying because I usually always make up for it or sometimes I am just using another Wii game since I have all of them.

Overall, I really enjoy My Fitness Coach combined with the other Wii Fitness games and I give it a score of 8.5/10.